Florida Bass Fishing Basics My Favorite Lures

I hope that some of this information helps someone out!

How to fish a plastic worm correctly! Any questions or comments please goo ahead!! Subscribe for more great videos and check out my recent vids ­čśÇ
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  1. Thanks for the info, i will have to try those huge worms.
    I noticed you said the frogs work great when the frogs start running. I own alot of frog lures, when do the frogs start´╗┐ running?

  2. I went bass fishing in lake okeechobee and these worked really well. I´╗┐ also used a spinnerbait in the afternoon, and that worked even better. With in 20 minutes, I got four largemouth one right after the other in just one spot. This is a really good vid

  3. If you are talking about the swimbait that looks like a bluegill it is a bait made by Castaic. They are in CA.´╗┐ You should be able to find them online. The bait under it is a zara spook. Thanks for your comments!

  4. a good lure for spring bass is the matzuo triple play minnow, i have some videos on my channel about it and out of´╗┐ the 12 bass i have caught so far this year 10 have been on this lure, one´╗┐ of them being about 3´╗┐ pounds and 20 inches long.

  5. haha good video, one of the only videos where somebody actually knows 100% what theyre talking about, and doesnt include a damn banjo minnow lol,´╗┐ good video- i enjoyed it alot

  6. all u bait caster fisher man help! im new to baitcasters and i have a question. it seems when ever i use a plastic my´╗┐ line doesnt rap around the reel very tight, which makes the line easer to dig into the spool because baitcasting reels have a horizontal spool, this never happens when im using a rapala or a spinner because there is always resistance on the line when retrieving so´╗┐ it stays nice and tight. help!!

  7. looks like my favorite baits…. i guess florida and canada have their points in common ….. no spinners? i love spinners too but u pick up alot of other fish on them….. it dosent target bass spesificly…..´╗┐ and x raps are on my list too… live target perch baits….. there are alot of good crawdad plastick baits too….. and sometimes a big inline spinner is what u need. nicevideo

  8. That rod is a simple 7 foot MH action. 7lb line and light i go to a medium spinning, 8-10´╗┐ on a spinning for worm fishing with a MH and past 10lb line i usually have a baitcaster

  9. Great video man. I was taught to fish a worm like this as well. If you need an idea for your next video I think showing everyone how to put the worm on the hook could serve novice fisherman well. Keep´╗┐ em coming!

  10. @sansan1337 Correction, they feel it with thier lateral line then nose down on the bait to asses if it is a viable source of food. Thanks´╗┐ for the comment.

  11. Great video but i have trouble with the hook set i either´╗┐ set it to soon or too late and it never gets set. Im fishing wit a 3/0 gamagatzu worm hook at a 5″ senko texas rig. Any tips? :/

  12. Ayoo well I saw your video´╗┐ today, and I also went fishin today in this morning, and I used your technique and I caught 2 16 inch largemouth, and before seeing your video I wasn’t catching anything, so thanks for the advice , good azz video and technique

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