Fishing for Bluegill

Fishing for Bluegill

Here is an easy guide to get you started in catching bluegill

What You Will Need-

All of these items can be purchased at Wal-Mart


Rod, Reel and Line Combo-

The best way when shopping for bluegill gear is to get a rod, reel and line combo to start with these can range between $9.95 and up. You wont have to worry about having to attach and string your reel, just buy and go!

Any light rod will do

An example is the Zebco Slingshot

This is a light rod 5′ 6″ long with a 20 spin reel complete with 10 pound line






You will need a small split shot sinker pinch weight BB – 3/0 either one are the perfect size

You can get the 78 piece 4 in 1 pack such as the Water Gremlin Brand for $2.50 to $5.00



You will need a 1.5″ cigar peg float

These can bought for $2.50 to $5.50 depending on how many you get in a pack



Size 6 Hook, I recommend buying the $2.96 Eagle Claw panfish assortment



Bait –

Live Canadian Night Crawlers- between  $2.97 and $4.50 depending on how many come in a tub

Setting Up-

First your going to want to string your pole, pull the string through the eyes of the rod. Give enough line for the end of the string to reach the base of your rod.

Next your going to take your float pull the plug off of it and grab a small stick to poke the enclosed styrofoam through the float. Run your line through the float make sure the plug end is up facing the tip of the rod. Pull the line through till you have 2-3 feet of line from the float to the end of the line and put the plug back in the float.

6 inches up from the end of the line your going to put your sinker pinch weight, an easy way to make sure it stays is to bite the sinker or pinch it with pliers so it doesn’t slip to your hook.

Now your going to add your hook at the bottom of the line make sure to tie it tight and to snip off any excess line that may be around the hook.

Now the reason I suggested live night crawlers over live panfish worms  is because you get more worm for your buck, here’s why…..Take a night crawler cut a fourth of it off these will last you all day there will be no need to head back to the bait store .

Take your hook with line attached and push The piece night crawler end first onto your hook (like putting on  sock ) make sure the tip of the hook is exposed.

You are now ready to Fish!

Your going to be looking for a spot that has some foliage, rock, cover or structure in the water, a boat dock, large over hanging rock, or tree is a good start. Do not use this method on a windy day, this is very light tackle and the wind will blow your line back to shore

Next you are going to want to cast, now when your fishing for bluegill you need to cast  into the shallows Between 3-5 foot in front of you maybe less depending on the depth of the water your fishing. Just remember keep it shallow!

Watch your float, every now and then reel in a bit of the line this will entice the fish to chase your bait, wait for your float to completely submerge before setting the hook. Once the hook is set reel in the fish and your done.

Congratulations now you know how to catch Bluegill!

Once you get the hang of catching bluegill, it will draw you into wanting to step up to catching Crappie, Catfish and more…

Remember to keep practicing and try new techniques even create your own.




Quick tip:

If  you don’t catch anything on the first try, try moving to different spot even if it just a few feet along the bank or on the other side of the boat dock. Fish are always moving looking for food, they’re not always in the same spot everyday.







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