How To Fish Shark

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We often hear about all kinds of fishing — carp, trout, bass, pike, perch, and salmon, but no one ever talks about shark fishing. After all, this huge and ferocious fish species is as fun to catch and release as the rest of them. 

So, how can you fish sharks? Let’s find out. 

Getting The Right Bait

Catching a shark is a very thrilling experience, but you can only do it when you get the right bait. While there are plenty of baits that you can try, the best one for shark fishing is the bait the sharks of that area feed on. Generally, these small fish species are local to the waters, and you can easily catch them by casting a net in any area where you suspect some fish activity. 

Getting The Right Tackle

Hooks are a critical part of the tackle because the shark’s safety depends on the hook because you’re going to release the shark after catching it. Circle hooks are your best choice because they hook into the shark’s mouth.

As for the rod, make sure to use one of the longer ones. A 10 foot or 12-foot rod might do the trick as long as you pair it with a suitable reel. Most people who love shark fishing will advise you to go for a reel with a spinner size between 6000-8000. 

Generally, only braided lines can withstand the movement that comes with fishing a shark. Since braided lines do not have much flexibility, your shark will not be able to tear through the line or bite it or unhook itself by struggling. For shark fishing, your best bet is a 65-pound braided line. 

You can use your boat’s rod holders if you like, but you can also dig a hole at the beach and bury your PVC rod holder into it. This will ensure stability for when the fun truly begins. 

Finding The Right Location

Let’s say you’re at a beach where anglers commonly fish sharks. Where will you find them? The best places to find sharks are the spots with some structures, such as rocky outcroppings, ledges, or other debris. When you’ve spotted such a place, pay attention to the water. Can you see some disturbance out on the water or birds flocking to a place? 

That place might have small baitfish swimming around attracting the birds. That usually means that there must be some hungry sharks swimming around too. 

Well, these are the basics of shark fishing! Who knew it could be so interesting?

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