Bluegill Fishing Tips – Make your own Bluegill Bait

Make your own bluegill fishing bait and catch them with a remote control boat.If you’re like me sometimes I don’t feel like going out for bait. An easy way to solve the bait problem is to make your own. Check the fridge and you probably have the ingredients to make a mouthwatering bait that bluegill can’t resist!


Each day me and my son go bluegill fishing in North Port Florida and have a ball. I hope you enjoy are little bluegill fishing video we have prepared. He has created his own special formulated bluegill bait from scratch.. Florida has opportunities for fresh and salt water fishing, wile using spinner baits, soft baits, lures and also live bait. But we have found that our special formulated bluegill bait works the best for these sporty little critters. Video Rating: 5 / 5


Just wanted to make a vid
Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. I woked on your other question but what seipce are you targeting? first off it’s too late for trout unless you are in deep cold high elevation lakes. so I am guessing you want bass. go back to your other question you asked and I addressed this question there. there is no truth to the question re: the relativity of a long cast catching big fish. precise casting without a huge loud splash however is important and being able to put your cast into a 6 x 6 spot regularly is something I practiced at when I was still a pre teen Once you recognize certain places where you should expect a preditor to lie in waiting you will begin to understand the exactness of castings importance. pitching into a bowl by underhand casting, side arm and overhand into rings made of rope over at a park will help your accuracy improve by leaps and bounds.

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