Some Quick Basic Techniques for Bass Fishing

A basic guide to tackle and techniques for better Bass fishing. Learn how to fish the best lures, change line, eliminate backlash in bait casters and much more! Get your DVD at –


  1. Don`t let those “pros” at your local tournies mess with ya about using a spinning reel. I broke my areas “pros” from sassing me years ago by layin the smack down on them. I can rig a plastic worm and flip it, then cast it 30-40 yards with a 1/16 ounce sinker, I never tangle nor backlash, I can use light or heavy line or lures. Like I said, I can use both but the spinning reel is my choice. From big cats, bass to white perch, to sharks…hands down a spinning reel is normally the better choice.

  2. The only thing is the remark about the spinning reel vs. baitcaster. I can use either or but I use a spinning reel the most. My point is this…Instead of stating that the bait cast reel is better for heavy lures, the fact of the matter is, that you can use a spinning reel for very light to very heavy lures and you can`t use a baitcaster for light lures. The old wives tale about the baitcaster being stronger is BS. Just watch the saltwater anglers haulin in those monsters on SPINNING REELS.

  3. Hey it would be helpful if someone can answer this question for me. I just recently bought a blue with blue flake flappin hog and i honestly dont know in what type of situation i should use it in. Like in clear water or dirty water.. I know that it will work at night but in the day time, what type of water will the colo blue be best in?

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