Secrets to Catching Bluegill

Secrets to Catching Bluegill

Posted on 09. Sep, 2011 by in Fishing Tips

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Secrets to Catching Bluegill
­You may find that you have the greatest success fishing for bluegill­, as well as the most f­un, when you use light tackle. Try two- or four-pound test monofilament line on an ultra-light graphite rod.
Be sure to move slowly while fishing, whether you choose live bait or lures, because slow-moving aquatic insects make up the regular bluegill diet [source: Schwartz].
Looking for that lovely lure bluegill will find irresistible? Spinnerbaits, microjigs and ice tick jigs all work well. Miniature soft plastic lures and small tube jigs also are effective. Chartreuse, pink and white are good colors for soft plastic jigs. Leadheads that have been tipped with twister tails, rubber grubs or marabou feathers are all excellent choices.

Read the artilce and start catching bluegills like never before!

Follow these tips and start catching bluegills like never before!

If you prefer live bait, bluegill love nightcrawlers and worms of any kind. Use just enough of the worm to cover the hook, always keeping in mind the fish’s tiny mouth. Grasshoppers or crickets are also options. Remember to treat your live bait well — a sluggish cricket won’t attract much attention from the bluegill. Keep crickets in a screened container and out of direct sunlight, offering them moistened bits of bread between fishing trips. Pack nightcrawlers in moss or worm bedding to keep them cool and fresh. If you’re using minnows, store them in the boat’s livewell or in a bucket with an aerator pump.
When using live bait, be sure to use a six or eight hook to accommodate the bluegills’ small mouths. You’ll find that long shanks on the hook will help you get it out of the fish more easily than if you use a short shank. If you’re using live bait, choose thin wire hooks so that the bait will not die quickly [source: Schwartz].
We usually think of fly fishing for trout, but this tactic also works well with bluegill, especially in shallow waters. Let’s fly ahead to learn more.
Bluegill bite on worms, crickets, artificial flies and jigs

Bluegill bite on worms, crickets, artificial flies and jigs

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28. Aug, 2012

While this is a very open question, I have aaywls been a subscriber to the spinnerbait during the spring. 1/2 oz. white spinner bait with double gold colorado blades. Fish slowly in staging areas and in shallow coves. I have caught some big bass in the spring this way. Other good spring baits include Rogues, jig n pig combos, shakey head worms, and when it warms up a bit, don’t forget the basic Rapala Floating Minnow. While its still cool though, stay slow and mythodical, making sure you cover water thoroughly.

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