Easy Way to Grow Your Own Fishing Worms

Tired of buying worms? Are you frusterated looking for them at the last minute? How about forgeting to buy them? Then here’s a simple way to make your own worm farm, takes about an hour or less! Get a big plastic bin, get one that has handles and a lid.
1. Drill or punch a bunch of holes around the lower part of its side and a number of holes in the bottom to allow for drainage.
2. Then, because the worms breed and multiply, cover the bottom of the tub on the inside with a piece of screen wire to prevent small worms from falling through the drain holes.
3. Place a layer of corncobs, broken into short lengths, over the screen wire.
4. Next a layer of well-rotted leaf mold.
5. Then a layer of rich soil.
6. Repeat the layers until the tub is nearly full, and lay an old sheet or towels, (preferably burlap) across the top.
7. Lightly dampen the contents of the tub with water.
8. Now to start you’re going to get a bunch of worms, dig em or buy a few dozen. And place them under the sacks.
9. Feed the worms every ten days with a mixture of coffee grounds, 1 cup, thick, sour milk, 1 cup, and syrup, 3 tablespoonfuls. 10. Merely pour this mixture under the burlap covering. The tub should be kept in a cool part of the basement during the summer months, and in a warm place, preferably near the furnace, during the winter. Keep the contents of the tub damp but not too moist, for the best results.

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