Remote Control Fishing Brings Cool New Attitude To Family Fishing

There are lots of fishermen and fisherwoman out there but they all have 2 things in common. The first thing is a love and passion fishing gives them as an escape from their everyday routines (unless they fish everyday like me). Then there is how they feel catching that one, immaculate, golden fish. Now most fishermen use the boring old school, stick and a string, fishing pole. But wait what else is there?

I am not going to lash out at you and tell you the obvious answer, the second answer most people go to, a net! No I’m talking about Remote Control fishing poles! Check this out, I saw a kid with one the other day and I have been hooked ever since, this thing rules, do NOT kid yourself.

Now do you really want to bore your family out of another fishing trip or would you rather get something that can make it fun for you and the family. Its the best fishing accessory out there, and not just fishing youngsters. I was not quick to fall in love with the power of driving my fishing line where I wanted as I kayaked down stream, but now it’s obvious RC fishing is the future. I love remote control fishing today and I am 64 years old, after 42 years of fishing I have never had so much fun as when I go remote control fishing with my grand kids.

How does this remote controlled fishing work you might ask? It’s a simple and easy process. All you do is attach your normal fishing line, from your regular fishing pole and latch it to the RC Fishing pole, on the remote control fishing boat. Now the wild thing is instead of casting you simply drive your line out. Now the coolest and most useful thing about this little accessory is when a fish hits, the line automatically disconnects like a bobber and vuala, you reel in your catch.

The line will disconnect from the boat, then you reel in the fish with your regular fishing pole! This is my grand kids favorite amazing feature, you can go super fast, maneuver the lakes or ponds curves and even drive your line over 150 feet! It’s just so much fun for the whole family. We go out the lake and even my wife manages to catch something when we go remote control fishing.

What are you waiting for? Check out (Click here) and Get the whole family involved in recreational remote control fishing. This little remote control fishing accessory brought my whole family closer together and brought my kid’s closer to my passion for fishing. It’s amazing, I love remote control fishing so much and it doesn’t even cost a lot. Something that I bought for myself for fun, just as a joke, ended up making everyone in my family happy and I had to write about it. I love remote control fishing! I use my remote control fishing pole now more then my actual pole it’s crazy for an old timer like me, I chuckle about ti sometimes! I highly recommend trying remote control fishing, for any fishermen and particularly his/her family!

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